colorful cupcakes made of baker's twine on a serving plateI photographed these beautiful cupcakes (at a distance, actually delectable despite primary ingredients consisting of styrofoam balls, adhesive, and baker’s twine) during a recent studio session to create a magazine cover image for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications.

After completing an image styled for the magazine’s cover, my assistant and I plated the cupcakes on these vintage cake stands and set them in the sunny studio window. It was a lovely autumn morning, and the warm sunlight streaming through the window of the old studio storefront lent to the vintage styling of the set-up.

Equipment used for these photos were a Nikon D3 and 200mm AF-D Micro-Nikkor lens mounted to a Kirk BH-1 ballhead on a Studio Titan camera stand. Shooting tethered via Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 directly into Lightroom allowed me to view the images large on a Dell studio monitor (my usual set-up for editorial and commercial studio work) to ensure I had exactly the image I wanted before moving to another composition. Post-processing in Photoshop, I added a texture layer and the rough frame edge to complete the vintage look.

Bon appetit!


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Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography