I posted the below on my Facebook page this morning, but I want to share this here, as well.
Below is a link to a free download of three very cool Presets for Lightroom 4, from Lightroom guru Sean McCormack over at Pixiq. As a LR power-user, I use a lot of presets, and Sean’s are excellent! I have found this set, which Sean calls the “Faded Series” to be useful for portraits, fashion, landscapes, and scenics. Versatile! Sean offers many great Lightroom and photography tips and tools on that site, so be sure to browse around if you visit to download the presets!

We’ll be covering how to install and use LR presets like these, as well as a full range of LR topics, at my April 28Intro to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” workshop at Octagon Center for the Arts.
Lightroom has been my image database and primary image processing tool since its Version 1.0 was released, and the wide range of free and low-cost plugins available for it – which provide the user a great variety of tools – is one of the many reasons why I am convinced that Lightroom is invaluable to any photographer.
If you’re in the area, check out my class to learn to master it in an afternoon!
The Free Presets


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