There are still a few seats available for my upcoming May 26 “Intermediate DSLR Photography” workshop at Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames! If you’re a photographer using a Digital SLR and know how to use it – but want to improve your understanding and skill of the craft that is DSLR photography – this 3-hour class is for you!

This workshop is targeted at participants who have either taken my “Intro to DSLR Photography” class, another SLR photo workshop, or who have a firm grasp of their DSLR and it’s capabilities. This workshop moves beyond the basics of camera settings, and we’ll work hands-on on the streets of Ames to explore creative SLR techniques. Regardless of your level of skill with your DSLR, we’re pretty sure this workshop will help move your SLR photography to the next level.

Participants should bring their camera, lenses, accessories, and a tripod if they have one (it’s okay if you don’t have a tripod, but after an afternoon of shooting with us, you’ll see why a tripod may be your most important accessory!).

Join me for a fun afternoon of photography while firmly advancing your skill with your camera!

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May 17, 2012



I was wondering if there are any workshops or classes in the near future. I was hoping to attend this intermediate workshop, but do not have the time. Also please check out the website and let me know what you think what would be, in your opinion, beneficial classes or workshops around the area that I should take?

Siu On Auyeung

Hi Siu On – yes, we have workshops coming up in the near future! You will find the schedule here: A downloadable PDF with more details about upcoming 2012 events can be found at You might be interested in our June 30 nature/landscape workshop here in IA, or our portrait lighting workshop coming up later in the summer. I hope this helps – hope to see you at an event soon! Great work on your site, by the way. Cheers! ~ MSP

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