Hey everyone! I am excited to be bringing our popular Intro to Digital SLR Photography Workshop to Des Moines this month: Saturday, July 21!

This is an expanded, full-day version of the class I’ve been delivering in a compressed half-day or less format to a number of venues around the Midwest in the past few years. Participants will come away at the end of the day with a solid understanding and mastery of their camera, and strong insights into important photographic technique.

Who should attend? This workshop is targeted at those new to SLR photography – though experienced shooters are also welcome –  who want to understand and master their digital SLR. The session is based on the premise that you can’t get consistent and predictable results with your photography until you take control of your camera – and you can’t do that until you understand why the various settings do what they do!

We will thoroughly explore basic (and some advanced) camera settings that will allow you to understand those settings so that you can obtain consistent and predictable results – and no longer merely click the button and hope you got what you wanted!

The session starts with my “10 Must-Know Controls and Settings” that every SLR photographer must learn in order to consistently get photos you want! We’ll also explore artistry in photography, a few compositional “rules,” and discuss optimal accessories and lenses that will help you grow in photography.

A few of the specific topics we’ll cover:

And we’ll shoot a lot, to ensure that you know how to utilize your new skills by the end of the day.

This is a fun, fast-paced, hands-on all-day workshop that alternates between classroom discussion and a variety of active studio and outdoor shooting situations where participants will practice new skills with hands-on instruction. A boxed lunch is included.

Advanced registration is required, so if interested, please contact me to reserve your spot today!


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