halloween craft item photographed for magazineAfter a long dry summer here on the north plains of the US, autumn has suddenly arrived. The nights are all of a sudden cooler, and the days shorter. Of course this means one thing: Halloween is coming!

Some months ago I was hired by a magazine publisher to create a variety of moody, thematic images of Halloween craft decor (i.e., make-it-yourself craft items for your Halloween decorating) for one of their North America publication’s autumn issue. But alas, the magazine for which the images were created was closed several months¬†before the September publication date, and the photos were never used.

The creative team styled and photographed literally dozens of craft projects – the content was the majority of what would fill a 120+ page magazine – over the two or three days of this shoot. We had a very fun time working with a wide variety of Halloween set concepts. As the photographer, I found the content to be an interesting challenge to produce, especially from a photographic lighting perspective. Due to the range of subjects and issues related to the sets in which we were to shoot, I used a variety of lighting techniques – natural light in some, studio strobes in others, and compact fluorescents in still others. With each, I made good use of my favorite diffusers and reflectors. Despite the various lighting techniques employed, it was important to maintain a consistent look between all of the photos in the collection.

At the conclusion of the shoot, we ended up with a set of final images that were extremely on-brand for the publication, and that portrayed the “Halloween Craft Decor” theme exceedingly well. It was a shame the photos never saw the light of day. The creative team were all proud of the final photographs, and I’ve seen some of these photos in the portfolios of nearly everyone involved – even though the photos never appeared in print!

So here is a (very) small sampling of some Halloween craft decor fun. These are just a few of my favorites from literally dozens of shots that were to fill that complete magazine issue.

And while I don’t have the space to go into detail about how each photo was created, here are a couple behind-the-scenes shots of the studio set and lighting set-up that may be of interest to some of the photographers and publishing industry creatives that visit this blog.

Happy Halloween!

October 9, 2013

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Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography