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photography workshop participant in snowWe ended up with a beautiful, sunny day for my annual Midwest Winter Landscape workshop this month, and now that participants have had a chance to edit and post some photos created during the event, I’m thrilled to post this blog follow-up.

The day started pre-dawn near the entrance to the Iowa Arboretum. The forecast was for a clear, warm day, and there are some lovely century-old burr oak and sapling locust trees on the edge of a prairie on the Arboretum’s native area, that have captured my attention for a sunrise shot for some time. After shooting the sunrise, we captured textures in the prairie’s freshly fallen snow; the beautiful soft directional morning light really emphasized the swirls, ridges, and crystals of the beautiful fresh prairie snow.

We moved on to photograph some compositions using specific tree specimens in the Arboretum itself, and then drove to a nearby Des Moines River Canoe Access area that is actually on the southern-most tip of Ledges State Park. Here, we used the leading lines of some snow drifts to emphasize dramatic features along the riverfront, worked with some intriguing fallen trees, and captured reflections and textures in open water areas of the river.

After a couple hours of classroom and Q&A time in a nearby town, we returned to a prairie area in another area of Ledges State Park and photographed tree patterns, grasses and snow, and some fabulous landscapes involving the S-curves of the river and reflections of the far-shore landscape in semi-melted open areas.

photography workshop participants in snowThe photographers that came together for the event made a really fun group, and I had a great time working with them. It included some very hard-working landscape photographers, who continued to shoot right up until sunset. I’ve been really impressed with the images shared with me by the participants so far, and I know more work from the workshop will be appearing as they have more time to edit.

As of today, the most recent 45-50 or so images posted to my Peterson Photo Workshops Participant Flickr Group archive illustrate some of the fine work by this group. Please check it out and enjoy their work! And to the photographers in the workshop – I hope you had a fun day, learned some new skills, and created some work you’re excited about!


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Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography