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TL;DR “I was gone, now I’m back. Hi!”

Double exposure photograph of singerThanks for stopping by to check out this long-neglected blog. I started blogging back when I was selling my fine-art photography on the art festival circuit a number of years ago, but never really got too engaged with blogging itself. More recently, I mostly blogged about my Peterson Photo Workshops photography classes and events. I always wanted to blog more about my editorial and commercial work, but as many of you who have followed my work and and have attended my workshops know, the majority of that work is owned by clients from the moment the images are captured, so they’re predominantly non-shareable. So I have never been a very active blogger.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve made a number of changes in my photography. The magazine publishing market continues its longtime decline, so I’m doing less editorial work than I did several years ago. I also experienced some significant health issues in 2016 which caused me to drastically cut back overall, and which also partially led to my taking 2017 entirely off of photography workshop delivery. I started a major website update during my recovery from major surgery part way through 2016, but have only now (autumn 2017) finally gotten back to finishing that up.

During this time “away,” I’ve explored some new styles of shooting and some new genres of photography. I’ve also experimented with some different camera systems. I’m shooting much more lifestyle portraiture these days, and am focused on bringing a strong editorial style to all of my portraiture. I’m still shooting some commercial work, though less of that than in recent years, as well. I’m shooting high school seniors and families again, which I’ve not really done much of for some time, and which I’m greatly enjoying.

I’ve also been creating images just for me, which I’ve also not done a lot of in recent years. My “Saturday” photography had become “Saturday teaching workshop” photography for some years – not that I’m complaining, I love teaching workshops – but with frequent weekend workshops and a limited number of weekends to do the usual weekend stuff people do, I simply didn’t create photographs for myself for some time. This past year, I have. I also spent a month in Europe this summer and have literally thousands of photos to share from that alone.

Portrait of a girl in a checked dressSo I’m back engaged with this website and blog, and I believe I have some things to blog about in the upcoming months that will be of interest to those who follow photography topics. I’ll admit that honestly, I’d been debating killing off this blog last year when I was sick, but I’m going to try instead to take it in some new directions. I’ll be updating this entire site frequently in the coming weeks, so watch for tweaks and improvements to both the galleries and functionality. I’m using some new WordPress plugins that I’m not familiar with, but as I learn them I’ll hope to be able to kick up the quality of this thing. I even hired a talented Iowa City based designer to create a new logo for the site and for my business overall.

Next up, I’ll be expanding the galleries on the site, then adding some blog posts. I will note that all blog posts that pre-date this post you’re reading now are broken in some way – I’ve switched to a different WordPress image gallery system and many of the old images didn’t make the transition. All of the image galleries embedded in past blog posts are broken. I’ll gradually go back and fix those (there really aren’t that many, but I’m going to have to re-upload everything). [UPDATE: these are repaired]

In terms of photography on this website, those of you who connected with me via my popular landscape photography workshops can still expect some occasional landscapes – I’m still a sucker for a good landscape! But I plan to focus much more on lifestyle images, portraiture, as well as travel photography. I will also include some of my experimentations with different types of cameras and media, and may even do some (non-technical) equipment and software reviews.

Thanks for being here. I look forward to engaging with you.



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