Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota in silhouette

Lake Superior has for many years been a favorite destination of mine. Whether for photography, or simply for relaxation and rejuvenation in nature, I’ve made many trips to either Minnesota’s “North Shore” of the lake, or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula shoreline. And for me, “photography” and “relaxation” are in actuality the same thing. There is little I enjoy more than an early morning photographing the beauty of “The Big Lake.” The lake shore itself is gorgeous, but equally so are the forests and many waterfalls in the area.

Having spent many hours over many trips to the North Shore, over the years I’ve found many out-of-the way locations for interesting photography. Though I also enjoy returning to some of the more popular photo destinations along the lakefront that everyone goes to. There is so much natural beauty at these locations. I’ve led photo tours to the area as part of my Peterson Photo Workshops endeavor, and I always enjoy returning to the area, whether with a group, with my family, or on my own.

Here’s a small collection of favorite images I made on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior, during location-scouting days prior to the last workshop I led there. I’ll plan to add more images of the gorgeous Lake Superior lake shore in other posts, soon, as well. Enjoy!

For the photographers reading, most of the images in this post were made with the Nikon D810 camera with Nikkor 24-70mm AF-S and 105mm AF-D lenses. The rainbow and birch forest images were made with a Fuji X100T (I believe – I’ve owned all of the X100x series cameras except the V – and I think the T was the one I had in hand during this particular trip). I use Gitzo tripods, Kirk ballheads, and Singh-Ray filters for my landscape and nature photography.

Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography