vintage styled portrait with Sydney

Sydney is a teen model whose mom/manager and I had corresponded for some time about creating some vintage styled portraits together, for publication submission. We finally had a chance to do so back back in 2018, and while I’ve used the images in some of my portfolios around the ‘net since then, I’ve never added a gallery blog to this site.

We actually ended up with two publications from the collection of vintage styled portraits I created with Sydney that day. Here are a few favorites from one of them – a 2018 piece entitled “Dark Room,” published in Veux Magazine.

The team for the session:
Model – Sydney Olson
Makeup – Abi Warner
Wardrobe – TWT Design Wear/Sherry E Combs
Management – Angie Olson

Since the concept was “vintage” I chose lenses for the session that tend to render images with a vintage look. I was happy with the results. We also created another set of images for a separate publication that day, as well as a collection of headshots with different concepts. I’ll share these in separate posts soon.

For the photographers reading, I created these images with a mix of Leica and Nikon cameras and lenses. Lighting was Elinchrom studio strobes and Photoflex soft boxes.

Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography