Veronica is a style blogger based in the San Diego area. We met up in the Little Italy area of San Diego to create some editorial fashion images and headshots the last time I was in town. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day. I was traveling with a Leica M 240 camera that I had at that time, along with the Leica 50mm Summilux-M ASPH and 35mm Summarit-M lenses, and these were perfect for this situation. I used the 50 ASPH for probably 90% of the images you see below. I’ve always enjoyed the way this lens draws portraits.

I was pleased with the photos we made that day, and we created far more than I’m able to share in this post. I’ll add some additional ones to my Flickr gallery for readers who might like to see more from this session.

By the way, the lens flare in the final two images below was intentional, and was captured in-camera (not added in photoshop). The late-afternoon sun was almost directly behind Veronica, and I knew that if I retracted the lens hood, the pink garage door we were shooting in front of would light up if I could make the lens flare. I usually have a hard time making the Lux ASPH flare, but managed to get a few images with this effect that I liked.

Image © Mark S. Peterson Photography