2014 Autumn Color Workshop


© 2014 Diane Lowry

Just a few weeks ago, my 2014 field workshop series came to a fabulous finale. An outstanding group of photographers joined me at Iowa’s gorgeous Ledges State Park for my annual Autumn Color Photography workshop. I’ve been holding this workshop here for several years, and have found both the location to be tremendously popular with the participants and the Iowa DNR organization excellent to work with. Continue reading “2014 Autumn Color Workshop”

Group portrait fun, revisited

high school girls looking at photos on iphoneSo as usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. What a frantically busy season! While I logged in today to post on another subject, I immediately noticed my last post below, in which I posted some photos of my oldest daughter’s high-school homecoming group of friends from last autumn. This reminded me that I had just recently photographed my next-oldest daughter in a similar situation, with two of her “besties” prior to this fall’s homecoming dance. It’s her sophomore year of high-school, and she and a big group of friends gathered for dinner and to attend the Homecoming Dance as a large entourage. Continue reading “Group portrait fun, revisited”

Group portrait fun! Iowa portrait photographer

high school friends at the parkThe past year has turned out to be immensely busy. As one can likely tell by my posting frequency (or infrequency, as it is probably more accurately described), I don’t tend to blog very frequently. This isn’t because I don’t enjoy it or don’t want to share my work. I simply have very little unscheduled time between back-to-back or even overlapping projects, and blogging falls by the wayside. I have recently told myself I need to do so more frequently, so I’m going to “catch up” by posting images I’ve meant to blog but just so far have not. Continue reading “Group portrait fun! Iowa portrait photographer”

UPDATED: Winter Landscape Workshop Report – What a Day!


winter landscape photograph trees in snowThey say around here, “If you don’t like the weather in Iowa, just wait ’til tomorrow – it’ll be different!”

We had a fine group of photographers come together Saturday for our “The Midwest Winter Landscape” photography workshop, in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a dedicated group of hardy souls, and wow, did we experience a wide array of weather. Forget waiting “’til tomorrow” as the saying goes – we experienced an entire winter season just in one day. Continue reading “UPDATED: Winter Landscape Workshop Report – What a Day!”

Autumn Color Workshop Fun!

nature photographers working in autumn streamFor the first time in a few years, the 17 photographers joining me for this year’s Midwest Autumn Color photography workshop at Ledges State Park in central Iowa had a perfect, blue-sky day. It was even warm! The past few years have been either overcast steel-grey skies – typical of autumn in this part of the country – or full-out rain like we had on both days of last year’s special “two-fer” offering of this workshop. It was really nice to be warm and dry for this year’s session! Continue reading “Autumn Color Workshop Fun!”

Halloween Craft Decor

halloween craft item photographed for magazineAfter a long dry summer here on the north plains of the US, autumn has suddenly arrived. The nights are all of a sudden cooler, and the days shorter. Of course this means one thing: Halloween is coming!

Some months ago I was hired by a magazine publisher to create a variety of moody, thematic images of Halloween craft decor (i.e., make-it-yourself craft items for your Halloween decorating) for one of their North America publication’s autumn issue. But alas, the magazine for which the images were created was closed several months Continue reading “Halloween Craft Decor”

Iowa State Fair Photography Salon Judging

Salon under construction
Salon under construction

I was honored a year or so ago when my friend Charley Starnes asked me to commit to being a judge for the 2013 Iowa State Fair Photography Salon competition. Charley’s a pro photographer, friend and fellow workshop leader, and has been Superintendent of this annual salon for the past dozen years or so.

For those readers not from around here, Continue reading “Iowa State Fair Photography Salon Judging”