2010 art festival season approaches

This week I’m working on applications to 2010 juried art festivals. I participate in just a small handful of art festivals each year, at which I show and sell my fine art nature and travel photographs.   Though I only do a few shows a year, I’m looking forward to another fun festival season!  Of course, as always I will apply only to juried shows featuring high-quality artistry, and I generally only travel to shows within a few hours radius of my home. Continue reading “2010 art festival season approaches”

Finally, progress!

Hi Everyone!  So, many of you have been after me for MONTHS to get a blog off the ground.   I honestly tried last fall, as the post below demonstrates, and at least I got WordPress installed at that time.  Then….nada.

But finally, at long last, I have actually installed and customized a WordPress blog theme that should allow me to show large, impactful images with my posts!  Continue reading “Finally, progress!”

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson

I’ve just installed this WordPress blog today in tandem with the intro of my updated markpetersonphotography.com website.  I’ll be upgrading this blog very soon with a cool theme, galleries of current/recent work, info about some of my photo shoots, advice and tips regarding photo technique and equipment, and frequent other general updates.

So please, bookmark this blog and visit frequently, or follow me using your favorite blogroll.  Thanks for your interest!