Valley Junction iPhone Photo Adventure Re-cap!

"Harlequin Masque" © 2012 iPhonePhotoAdventure.comJust a quick post to mention the great fun – and to thank the awesome participants – at yesterday’s iPhone Photo Adventure in West Des Moines. I had an excellent group join me in hip Valley Junction, and it was a blast shooting, editing, and sharing iPhone art with you all.

Thanks to the fabulous participants!

Des Moines Camera Club, October 2

In this crazy summer/fall season so far, I haven’t done a very good job of blogging info about events and happenings. One great event is coming up right away:

I’m pleased to be the invited guest speaker at the Des Moines Camera Club on Tuesday, October 2. I’ll present information about my workshop series, show a couple of new slideshows, and I’m confident we’ll have a great time! Continue reading “Des Moines Camera Club, October 2”