Favorite Subjects: Bicycles

Bicycle in Rome ItalyThis is the first installment of an occasional series I plan to post. Over the years I have encountered several subjects that I especially enjoy photographing. Subjects that when I pass an interesting specimen, I usually stop to photograph it at all possible. This interest has created ongoing themes in my personal photography over the years – and in some cases decades. Continue reading “Favorite Subjects: Bicycles”

2016 Portrait Lighting Techniques Workshop Report

brunette model in blue t-shirt in garden
Ashley by Darren Schwartzendruber

It’s been a while since I’d offered a portrait lighting techniques workshop, and I was thrilled that a fabulous assortment of photographers came together for the one I offered this fall in West Des Moines, Iowa. The group ranged from experienced portrait artists, to photographers of other genres wanting to learn some portrait skills. Continue reading “2016 Portrait Lighting Techniques Workshop Report”

2016 Winter Landscape Workshop Report

snow on winter streamIt’s been a crazy couple of months here at MSPP, and while the world  is thinking “spring” I feel like I’m still trying to wrap up winter. Is it March yet? (I know, I know, we’re halfway through April).

Regardless, I’ve wanted to share some info and some of the awesome photos created by participants in my February “The Midwest Winter Landscape” workshop. We had a Continue reading “2016 Winter Landscape Workshop Report”

2014 Autumn Color Workshop


© 2014 Diane Lowry

Just a few weeks ago, my 2014 field workshop series came to a fabulous finale. An outstanding group of photographers joined me at Iowa’s gorgeous Ledges State Park for my annual Autumn Color Photography workshop. I’ve been holding this workshop here for several years, and have found both the location to be tremendously popular with the participants and the Iowa DNR organization excellent to work with. Continue reading “2014 Autumn Color Workshop”

Group portrait fun, revisited

high school girls looking at photos on iphoneSo as usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. What a frantically busy season! While I logged in today to post on another subject, I immediately noticed my last post below, in which I posted some photos of my oldest daughter’s high-school homecoming group of friends from last autumn. This reminded me that I had just recently photographed my next-oldest daughter in a similar situation, with two of her “besties” prior to this fall’s homecoming dance. It’s her sophomore year of high-school, and she and a big group of friends gathered for dinner and to attend the Homecoming Dance as a large entourage. Continue reading “Group portrait fun, revisited”