Halloween Craft Decor

halloween craft item photographed for magazineAfter a long dry summer here on the north plains of the US, autumn has suddenly arrived. The nights are all of a sudden cooler, and the days shorter. Of course this means one thing: Halloween is coming!

Some months ago I was hired by a magazine publisher to create a variety of moody, thematic images of Halloween craft decor (i.e., make-it-yourself craft items for your Halloween decorating) for one of their North America publication’s autumn issue. But alas, the magazine for which the images were created was closed several months Continue reading “Halloween Craft Decor”

Crafting Photographs

Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to do some photography forĀ  Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications. This has been fun, partially because the subjects and genre of this work have been different than the editorial photography I’ve historically done. The subjects I’ve shot for BHG have primarily been craft projects, or collections of make-it-yourself home and party decor – subject matter a long step away from most of my prior work! Continue reading “Crafting Photographs”